The Villainous Side to Rahul Bose

Mumbai: The well known personality of bollywood, Rahul Bose is well set for his upcoming ‘Vishwaroopam. The movie is to be directed by the south Indian legend Kamal Haasan. After a brief period of time Rahul bose will be seen playing a negative role in Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam. The model turned actor is very much concern and excited about his negative role in the movie. In the year 1999 he played a negative role in the movie ‘Thakshak’, since then he has not played any negative role. So he is very much happy to get a negative role in ‘Vishwaroopam’.

The 44 year old actor here in a sports event told that After Thakshak he had got a chance to play a role of villain in Vishwaroopam. The actor will be seen on screen after a long gap of time. After his last project of the movie “kucch Luv Jaisa’” which was on the floor in the month of May 2011. Next the actor will be seen on screen in and around the month of June this year.

According to the sources the actor had reported that he had shot many big films but due to some reason the release of those cinemas will take time. In further conversation he states that he had done a movie named ‘Midnight’s Children’ which is usually based on the novel composed by Salman Rushdie and the movie is directed by Deepa Mehta will release in the month of june. He also mentioned that the second movie is Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam. He said that the movie contains a good sequel of action and it is going to release in both languages to say Hindi and Tamil. The action scenes are very technical and require a huge time limit to construct them. In the month of April he going to star shoots for a film with the ‘Konkona Sen Sharma’ as mentioned by Rahul. But to the end it will be very exciting moment to watch Rahul Bose in a negative role after a long time.

Most of the other upcoming projects announced by Rahul are ‘jeene do’ ‘ami charulata’ ‘travelling with Mohammad’ ‘Laptop’ etc.

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