Trailer: Himesh Reshammiya and Honey Singh Starrer, ‘The Xpose’

Finally, here it is! The official trailer of Yo Yo Honey Singh’s Bollywood debut movie has arrived. And joining him in the cast is none other than Himesh Reshammiya. Yeah, the movie stars the much respected Irrfan Khan too, but do we really care about him if the cast boasts of two of the immensely popular music icons?

Titled The Xpose, the movie has been directed by Ananth Mahadevan and is set in the 60s era.

What’s interesting about the 3 mintues 44 seconds long trailer is that it ‘xposes’ itself as an highly inspired (influenced actually) by Leonardo De Caprio’s The Great Gatsby.


The story, which says that it is all about ‘desire, scandal and murder’, is rightly about two stars of the era, played by Himesh and Honey, and them being involved in the murder investigation of a sex symbol. High on cheap dialogues by Himesh, who also is the presenter of the movie, the movie stars Zoya Afrozi and Sonali Raut as the female leads. And going by the not-so-great trailer, one can really expect them to ‘xpose’ a lot in the movie.

To save the grace there is an Irrfan Khan, but sadly, with limited screen presence. The limelight is clearly on Himesh Reshammiya and Honey Singh who tries too hard to impress but fails. While Honey has been presented as a rapper-cum-jazz singer of the era bygone, Himesh plays a star who doesn’t believe in being kicked by the villain in his movies. Now, will audience kick him or not is awaited!

Check the trailer right here!


Slated to hit the silver screen on May 23rd, the movie is a musical thriller!

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