Tusshar Kapoor picks up a fight with his director

Tusshar Kapoor, known as mellowed good boy, picked up a fight with director Sagar Ballary at a shopping mall and the shooting of Hum Tum Aur Shabana soon turned into a full-blooded pow-wow.The incident happened on Sunday evening in full public view at the shopping mall in Bhandup in suburban Mumbai and shocked everyone who was there.

Apparently Tusshar was heard screaming loudly at Ballary. The director not known to take kindly to any high-handed behaviour from his team, shouted right back, while other stars Minissha Lamba and Shreyas Talpade watched in muted embarrassment.

When asked about the incident, Tusshar said: “It was unfortunate. On Sunday when we were shooting in a mall, he told me the shooting would be extended by another night. I had been working round the clock with practically no sleep, so I lost my cool. I now realise that Sagar was only doing his job. He’s a perfectionist. I realised my mistake and apologised to him. We’re friends again.”

When quizzed about the incident, Ballary did a deeper probe on Tusshar’s personality and said that for too long Tusshar has been taken for granted.

It seems that the “lamb” Tusshar Kapoor should not be taken lightly.


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