Valentine’s Day, once every week

Mumbai: Akshay Kumar and his wife, Twinkle, have been married for 10 years now, but the passion is still there. The two are amongst the few couples in Bollywood who chose to celebrate the big Valentine’s Day. In fact, as Akshay revealed to us recently, they like to celebrate their love not only once or twice every year, but every week.

Akshay stated that the days such as 14th February and their anniversary day have a special importance to the two, but otherwise, they like to take their time and enjoy their marriage, their love and their passion each week. They do not need any excuses to prove their love.

The two like to plan their vacations leaving it up to destiny to decide. Akshay rotates a plastic globe, and Twinkle puts her finger to stop it. Then they take their son Aarav and fly to the place on the globe where Twinkle’s finger stops. Simple, isn’t it?

Twinkle made Akshay promise that he will always make the time to spend with her and their son.

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