Venkatesh celebrates 50th birthday

One of the most important figures in the Indian movie industry has a reason to be proud. He just turned 50 years old this Monday and he is one of the most popular actors in the country. The well liked actor Victory Venkatesh is still very wanted by film makers to star in their production. With 25 years of activity in the movie industry, Victory was celebrated by fans all over the world who wished him a happy birthday.

Born on the date of December 13, in the year of 1960, in the city of Chennai, he is the son of very important film producer Rama Naidu and he is married with Neeraja. He has a son with his wife, who is called Arjun Ramnath but also three daughters Bhavana, Aashritha and Hayavahini. His first debut in the film industry was in the year of 1986 in the movie called Kaliyuga Pandavulu.

Ever since his debut on the big screen, the famous actor Victory Venkatesh has started in a large number of film production – 64 to be exact.

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