Vidya and Anushka kissed SRK

Mumbai: This last edition of Choice Entertainer Awards brought a few interesting things. One of them was the kiss that Shahrukh received from two of the B-town beauties. When he got the award at the category Hindustan Times Reader’s Choice, both Vidya Balan and Anushka Sharma gave him a big kiss, as they both considered he really deserved it for his achievements.

Everybody was considering King Khan to be a very lucky man, but this was indeed unexpected. I guess no one actually understands how lucky of a man Shahrukh Khan in fact is. Even though in the beginning he put au a bit of resistance, in the end he had no choice but to give in.

And with Vidya Balan on one side and with Anushka Sharma on the other, how could he have really made it to resist. In fact no one can blame him. We can say that it was quite a good night for the Bollywood star, not only did he won the award, but he also got kisses by the two beauties.

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