Vivek did not help his cousin

The latest buzz in the Bollywood entertainment industry is that the famous actor Vivek Oberoi did not give a little help to his cousin Akshay Oberoi. It was much unexpected the fact that his did not even mention the fact that Akshay has made the debut in the film industry with the Rajshri Productions.

Akshay is the son of Krishn, who is Suresh Oberoi’s younger brother. As many already know, the fathers of the two cousins don’t speak with each other for quite some years now, even though they are brothers. This could be a very important reason for this decision not to help his cousin.  

Krishn is a business man who just moved to Mumbai from the US. His son decided to start a career in Bollywood, and he could have used some help from his cousin, whose family has a lot of connections in this town. Sources say that Akshay was indeed very disturbed by his cousin’s Vivek Oberoi refusal to help him make it in this industry, but he is determined to make it on his own.

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