Vivek Oberoi gets tattooed for wife

Mumbai: well, it seems that there is nothing a man would do to please his wife. We can really say that this is also the case of the Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi. The latest buzz is that the actor intends to do a tattoo in order to make a surprise to his wife Priyanka. A source close to the Bollywood super star has told us that because Priyanka has a tattoo on her back and her husband does not have one, therefore it seems that the actor is rather excited about getting one as well.

“Priyanka has a tattoo on her back, while Vivek has none. He hit upon an idea for the design on the couple’s recent visit to Bali. The Prince star might get the tattoo on a secret place and it will be for Priyanka’s eyes only.” As you may know, he is currently busy acting in two movie productions, ‘Krrish 2 and Zilla Ghaziabad, so it appears that he really wants to show off his new tattoo in one of these projects.


The same source added that “He has decided on a cool design he discovered while holidaying in Bali with his wife but wants to improvise on
it. VO’s Balinese holiday saw him attend friend Tupur Chatterjee’s wedding and spend quality time indulging in adventure sports with his wife. He also kept busy inquiring about the best tattoo artist around. He has also enquired about tat artists in Los Angeles and Miami. The tattoo and its modern, ultra-cool design is a super secret and VO wants to surprise his wife with it. It will be
hidden from view and will be meant for Priyanka’s eyes.”

For the time being the Bollywood celebrity is in Goa with wife Priyanka. The actor is apparently the guest of the Chief Minuster of Goa in order to inaugurate a handicraft exhibition to promote the local culture and artists.

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