Vivek Oberoi Injured on Set

There are many actors who prefer not to do their own stunts because they want to stay safe and want someone else to take the pain while they take the credit on screen. However, there are some Bollywood actors who feel that they should go ahead and do their own stunts as well. Vivek Oberoi is among the list of Bollywood actors apart from Akshay Kumar who prefer to do his own stunts but this time he has had a bad fall while shooting for Zilla Ghaziabad. 

The shooting was going on in Wai and Vivek is very much excited about this movie. The shooting included few fight sequences where Vivek Oberoi is kicking some bad guys. All was fine till Vivek Oberoi decided to try a stunt where he had to jump from the fourth floor of a building. Obviously there were harnesses that were attached and everything was going on very smooth when during one of the sequences the harness snapped while Vivek Oberoi was in mid-air. Vivek was almost on the second floor when this happened which means that he fell down straight from the second floor to the ground level. However, there was lot of muck below which safeguarded him to some extent but it is reported that he has badly injured his back.

Vivek Oberoi is already into back problems since he has been working on his fitness and been lifting lot of weights. To make his back problems worse this accident can really make him feel horrible about his back pain. However, Vivek Oberoi continued shooting and completed the sequence on time without disrupting the schedule which is very kind of him. Once the shooting is over, Vivek will come down to Mumbai for medical treatment and to get his back in shape for more work.

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