Vivek organized birthday party for his father

The famous actor Vivek Oberoi has been quite busy lately, as he has planned a huge party for his father, celebrating the latter’s 64th birthday on December 17th. The actor was not alone though. His beautiful wife, Priyanka Alva, has helped him all the way. The party took place in a different location, on board of a yacht in a lake in Ambby Valley.

Vivek’s family often goes to the Valley, and Vivek rented a yacht and had it decorated, while his wife and Meghna, his sister, made a selection of all the favorite songs of their father. Sources say that Priyanka came up with the idea of renting a boat, and Vivek made sure all his father’s close friends will come to the extravagant party.

Priyanka and Meghna arrived at the location a day earlier to supervise all arrangements. This is probably the reason why Vivek came alone at the party for the wedding anniversary of Fardeen Khan.

The actor’s parents will be headed in an exotic location for holiday, a present from their son and daughter-in-law.

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