Vivek Shauq leaves this world

Mumbai: We all know the actor Vivek Shauq, and we all loved his performance in the serial comedy “Flop Show”. Now we come bearing horrible news about one of the greatest stars in Bollywood. Vivek Shauq has passed away today, and all prayers are with him.

At the age of 47, the actor suffered a heart attack, while he was in the Thane district, and was immediately admitted into a hospital in the region. We shall miss the actor, more so that we feel he could have done so much more for Bollywood, for comedy, and for his family as well.

Just after the incident the actor’s sister, Namrata, told the press they are all going to miss him and said he was a very helpful and down to earth person. The actor leaves behind his widow, Sarabjit, their son, Sunist, and their two daughters, Sadika and Mudita.

Vivek had started his career in acting in television and theatre. Over the year, he has done about 60 films in Hindi and Punjabi.

Our most sincere condolences to his family!

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