Wedding bells ringing for Sameer and Neelam

Mumbai: Big day in Bollywood! Sameer Soni is about to tie the knot about two weeks from now, on the 22nd of January. He and his fiancé, Neelam Kothari, have been a couple for more than three years now, and thought this was the perfect time to settle down.

After Sameer left the Bigg Boss house, the couple decided to wed before the month ended. Sources say that Sameer made no official proposal, but marriage was always in their plans ant the two seem to be going on with the preparations for the big day.

The rumors started last week, and people started making calls to ask about the wedding, but the couple insisted it would be something intimate, with only family and the closest of friends. The date is not yet settled, as the couple decided to make the big step very quick, they are not sure they will have time to make the arrangements until then. If the last week of January is not on reach, the first week of February will be the date of their wedding.

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