‘Bhindi Bazaar Inc.’ actress warns mom about bold scenes

Mumbai: The Bollywood actress Vedita Pratap Singh, well known for her very daring scenes filmed in her debut flick ‘Bhindi Bazaar Inc.’ has told reporters in a recent interview that no one has imposed this on her. The actress also wanted to add the fact that she has told her mother to be prepared for the lovemaking scenes from the film.

Apparently the actress Vedita Pratap Singh has informed her other in order to be prepared and not to be shocked when she will see the film. However, the actress has informed us that her mother took it rather well, as she knows it is Vedita’s profession and she has to do it. Still the mother wanted to tell to keep her respect and dignity at all times, a thing with which the actress Vedit agrees.

The actress continued by saying that in spite of these bold scenes, she will not do anything to go ahead. It is of the most importance to her to have her self-respect at all times. As for the future she has plans, as she said she will turn to television if she will not be casted in the roles she really wants in the next two years. Although she wanted to add that ‘No one is forced to do anything here.’

According to her it is all up to a person to make the decision if she wants to do something or not, as no one imposes anything on anyone. ‘No one will push you into something in this industry,’ said Vedita and added that she strongly believes that she will never do a thing that will go against her conscience. When talking about the love scenes, Vedita admits she had some inhibitions at the beginning, but after a while she saw how important the scenes were and filmed them.

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