Aamir Khan intimidates actresses

Mumbai: Working with a Bollywood celebrity is an amazing opportunity for all the young wannabe actors. The same goes for the newcomer Monica Dogra, who is now making her debut in “Dhobi Ghat”, next to the perfectionist Aamir Khan.

Monica talked to us about her work in the film, and how excited she was when she heard who she was going to work with. She also said she is now very happy to be working with Aamir, and that the actor is a very down to earth guy, and he intimated her only by showing up on the sets.

But the actress managed to get over her initial feeling as she could not afford to not do the best job she could. After a couple of weeks of working together, Monica felt better about Amir, and managed to do her job perfectly. Well, good enough for a newcomer, anyway.

Monica is not the only one getting intimidated by Aamir. Kriti Malhotra is also experiencing a similar feeling.

“Dhobi Ghat” hits the theaters on January 21st.

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