Aamir prepares, Salman is spontaneous: Asin

Mumbai: The beautiful actress Asin talked in a recent interview about Aamir and Salman, as she has had the opportunity to work with both of them during her career in the film industry of tinsel town. When talking about the super star and actor Aamir Khan, Asin said that he really believes in preparing rigorous before facing the camera, but when it comes down to Sallu he is quite the opposite as he is what you would call the spontaneous type.

According to the beautiful actress, when working besideds Sallu you must be very careful and in alert as he always will take on by surprise. Her co star from the movie production Ready, none other than Salman Khan will always come up with something unexpected. According to the actress there is not much of a debate before the filming takes place, so one must be ready to face whatever Salman Khan decides to throw at you.

On the other hand Aamir is a person that always talks to the director and discuses the various ways of doing things, in the end deciding on one. Therefore, when working alongside Aamir one can be sure that one will know what to expect and will not be surprised, added the 25 years old actress.

There is no secret to anyone that Salman Khan is known for his temper in the film industry of Bollywood. However the beautiful actress said that she has never seen this side of the actor during the time she has worked alongside him. In fact, the actress considers Sallu to be a person who is pure in his heart. Asin has worked alongside the macho man of tinsel town in two film production Ready and London Dreams. Well, she was probably very lucky as many actors from the industry have had the opportunity of seeing the other side of Salman.

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