Abhishek will not accompany Aishwarya at Cannes Film Festival

New Delhi: The beautiful Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan will be left aloine for the Cannes film festival by her hubby, as poor Abhishek has a hectic shooting schedule and cannot find the time to accompany his dear wife.

Ash will be attending the Cannes Film Festival for the 10th consecutive time, and it will be the first time since her marriage when Abhishek will not be accompanying her. However, this year Abhishek has to stay in Russia, where he has an extremely busy schedule. Abhishek explained ‘I can`t go this year to Cannes with Aishwarya. We were there together last year to promote `Raavan`. But this year I will be shooting in Russia that time.’ Abhishek added that he is feeling very proud of Aishwarya, since it is her tenth consecutive invitation to the prestigious film festival.’ I think she is the only Indian actress to have that.’

The actress made her first appearance at the Cannes festival in 2002. She went then with her co-star from “Devdas”, Shah Rukh Khan. Since 2007, Abhishek always accompanied her.

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