Ajmal coming back as prince

Chennai: Time for the young actor Ajmal to make an outstanding comeback after a break of two years. The Tamil Malayalam actor got his hands on a meaty part in a new film.

The last film we saw Ajmal in was “Pranayakalam”. He is now very interested in his new role, especially considering it is the role of a prince. The film is titled “Lucky Joker”, and will be directed by the famous Sunil. Aascar Ravichandran will be dealing with the production of “Lucky Joker”, which is also his debut as a producer in Malayalam.

The story that supports the film is basically revolving around the search for a diamond. Ajmal plays one of those searching for it, who also happens to be the prince of Kerala. He returns to his land to find this diamond, which was apparently left as an inheritance by his ancestors. They received it as a gift from the king of Nepal, more than thousands of years back.

The film, which has a big budget, will be shot in Malaysia, Kerala and Nepal.

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