Akshay and Katrina are spending time together

The two Bollywood super stars, Akshay Kumar and the lovely Katrina Kaif are spending more and more time together. The reason of this unexpected closeness is the promotion of their latest movie production. They are travelling all over India, but also abroad in order to promote as well as they can the release of the film ‘Tees Maar Khan’.

This has turned out to be an advantage for Katrina, as Akshay is helping her learn the nuances in the Hindi film titles. It is no secret to anyone that the lovely actress does not have much knowledge on this particular subject. However Akshay is more than happy to help out.

In fact he has managed to find a great way to help Katrina learn. He is plying charades with her, offering her signs and hints from commercial Hindi movies as indications. In a recent interview, Katrina Kaif stated that she really started to gain knowledge on this subject, and it is all due to the valuable help of her colleague, Akshay Kumar.

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