Amrita Rao single

Mumbai: The latest buzz in the B-town film industry is that the hairdresser of Amrita Rao is all set to hook up the actress with a nice ‘boy’ as she put it. We have to wonder just how this unexpected love for Amrita Rao suddenly appeared. From what we have been able to find out, it seems that the hairdresser thinks that the celebrity has tried almost everything, including a makeover which failed. But not everyone can get lucky, it is not such a huge deal.

Some voices in Bollywood have said that the actress’ best chance is to do well at the box office with the movie Love You Mr Kalakaar. So Kalakaar would be her best option. But considering this part is played by Tushad Kapoor, who is single but has no desire to tie the nod, Amrita Rao seems to be a little desperate.

The lovely Bollywood actress seems to have hit a brick wall, as no one seems interested in pursuing a relationship with her. But maybe she will have better luck in the future.

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