Amrita Rao will star in Siddharth’s movie

Mumbai: It seems that the all rumors which have going around all over town these past few weeks are true and indeed actress Amrita Rao will no longer star in Siddharth’s film. As all of you may already know, the actress had initially agreed to star in the motion picture directed by the celebrity Siddharth.

But now it seems that the Bollywood actress has made the unexpected decision of quitting the project that she had accepted prior. The sources say that the main reason for which she has quit the movie was due to the fact that the producer did not offer her 5 stars accommodation spot.

The producers decided to cut down the cost, and naturally they no longer provided these sorts of hotels. The Bollywood actress made it very clear that she does not want to work under these conditions, and most of all she is not that desperate to star in a Telugu movie production. So the producers are presently looking to find a replacement for Amrita Rao.

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