An invitation from Madhuri

Mumbai: in a recent interview, the well known and liked Bollywood celebrity, Madhuri Dixit made quite an unexpected statement, as she mentioned that she would really like to have over for dinner the three Khans, meaning Salman, Aamir and of course Shahrukh Khan. Even though she does not have a date in mind, the Bollywood actress said that she whould love for this to happen any day soon.  

She wanted to add that she knows just how much Shahrukh Khan has praised her good cooking and she is convinced that at least King Khan would enjoy such an invitation. However we are sure that the other two Khans from the tinsel town film industry will be just as pleasant to have dinner with Madhuri Dixit.

This subject was discussed during the launch of the new 24-hours television channel called Food Food, which is the work of celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor. Even though many believe that women can cook better, it seems that Madhuri likes to leave much of the cooking to her hubby.

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