Anushka refuses lead role

If Illeana is very happy to do another lead role in a movie production, Anushka is not at all content to do a lead part in a huge Hindi picture. The news came as a surprise to all, as B-town actress Anushka has turned down this huge career opportunity. As anyone knows, all actresses would be all over such a great chance, but this is not the case of Anushka.

The part she was offered to play was in a Bollywood flick which is a remake after tamil film Singam. In the original version she had the lead part, but she is not interested in doing the remake. The director Rohith Shetty has asked Anushka to the part, as he felt she is the best one for it.

But the actress did not seem at all interested and refused him very politely. Her exact words were that she feels “comfortable in South film industry”. As she is one of the most wanted persons in the Telugu and Tamil, she does not want to get back in Bollywood.

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