Anushka Sharma in love with Ranbir?

Mumbai: Ayan Mukerji’s second movie production with actor Ranbir Kapoor is about to materialize itself. The prior collaboration between them two was during the film called Wake Up Sid. Just as the first film, this one will also be produced by Dharma Production which belongs to Karan Johar.

In the film, it was believed that Ranbir Kapoor will star alongside Deepika Padukone, the actress being a rater close friend of Ayan, not to mention that she was also very close to Ranbir as well. However, after their much talked break up, Katrina Kaif was thought to be the director’s obvious choice for the part. But how things between Kat and Ranbir seem to be going kind of bad, rumors are that Anushka Sharma will be cast in the movie.

Until this point, Anushka or Ayan have not made any comment on this subject. The producer of the film has said that until the script will be ready, the casting for the actor will continue. There are many chances to see on screen Anushka Sharma in love with Ranbir.

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