Anushka Sharma popular

Mumbai: It is almost like a rule, if an actress makes it in Bollywood she tends to be reclusive. However, this is not the case of the actress Anushka Sharma who really has managed to keep her feet on the ground. In a recent interview the actress who has starred in four successful films so far, stated that she has learned to become even more humble. Anushka has even said that her colleagues find her to be friendlier now compared to college.

There a time when Anushka was very confused about things such as her relationship and career, this being the main reason for which she has decided to keep to herself and appeared to be snobbish. She added that “I have no filmy friends and it is difficult for me to go to a filmy gathering without feeling out of place. I have a normal set of friends and I am glad for that.” She said that she really enjoys meeting new people and making new friends all the time.

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