Anushka spits Akshay

Mumbai: The fact that Akshay Kumar is one of the best stars in B-town can be quite intimidating for a newcomer to the industry. When the two meet on the filming set of the movie Patiala House, the actor could see that Anushka was very nervous about acting with him. As a result, Akshay asked her to spit him in the face.

A source from the sets told us that it was very funny to see the way that Akshay behaved with Anushka on her first day on the set of Patiala House. He asked her to do that because the lines that she had contained the word ‘spit’. Even though she was a bit afraid to do that, she finally had to do it, as she had no choice what so ever.

In an interview, Anushka Sharma stated that her first day on the set was very exhausting for her, as she had to face Akshay, a true superstar, but one the other hand the actor was insisting to Anushka to spit on his face.

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