Ash’s baggage lost at the airport

The super star Aishwarya Rai lost her baggage at the airport as she was travelling from the city of Delhi to Chennai. At arriving at the airport she was more than surprise to find out that her baggage was not there. The entire fault of this unfortunate event was of the airway company, who it seems forgot to load the baggage of all travelers.

In an official statement they admitted their mistake and said that they take full responsibility for this error. They wanted to make sure that everybody will understand that they will receive their belongings.

However this did not comfort the Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai were much. She was very upset because all of the stuff that she wanted to wear at the event held  in Chennai were in the bags lost at the airport. To the surprise of every one present, Ash took the news rather well, and she did not lose her temper. She decided simply to go on a shopping spree and get all she needed.

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