Ash decided to do her own choreography

Mumbai: The latest buzz regarding Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is that she made up her mind to do her own choreography. However this does not include all of her performances and item number. She only wants this for big roles or special appearances. It is common knowledge that her dancing skills are renowned all over town, therefore no one doubts her ability to dance.

Just recently she has made this decision of doing her item number when she takes part in awards ceremonies or other important functions. The beautiful Bollywood actress has already started looking back to her past performances on stage and she even started to select the tracks on which she can perform.

A source told us that none of the moves she will be presenting in the future will resemble the moves she had in the past. In fact it seems that Ash Rai Bachchan wants to do something completely new and mind blowing. After this latest information, everyone in the B-town industry is eager to see her feature performances.

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