Asin and Deepika closest friends

Mumbai: The Bollywood entertainment industry is not only filled with scandals and bad rumors, but it is also the place where we can witness a few close friendships between the super stars of the cinema. For instant this is the case of Asin and Deepika Padukone whom appear to be very close indeed.

In a recent interview, the super star Asin said that “Deepika Padukone and I are good friends. We share an extremely cordial relationship”. She wanted to comment about the so called Bollywood myth that actresses from the industry do not get along at all. Asin said that this is not true.

Of course there are cases of disagreements between the stars, but there are also many close relationships. Deepika is not the only close friend of Asin, but also director Farah Khan and Sonam Kapoor are share the same sort of connection with the B-town actress.

Not only her personal life is doing well, but also her professional one is on the rise, as she has received many favorable reviews on her movie ‘Kaavalan’.

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