Asin and her school

Mumbai: As you may now, the lovely B-town celebrity Asin Thottumkal is in charge of a school from the orphans but also for the underprivileged in Kerala. Located in the same state as the one from which the actress hails from, the schools offers education to almost one hundred children. Even though, the actress never talked about this, the fact became common knowledge when she offered an invitation to her colleagues to come to the school and meet all the children.

From what we have been able to find out, it seems that the actress puts aside almost 20 percent of her earnings especially for the school. Even more, apparently she has agreed to pay for the education of a talented child up until college.

The actress could not be contacted to comment on the subject, as she is busy for the moment being filming alongside Salman Khan for the movie ‘Ready’. However, Joseph Thottumkal, her father, said that all that has been said is true, and Asin is quite involved in the children’s education.

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