Asin and Salman in new movie

Mumbai: After the two actors Asin and Salman have starred together in the movie production London Dreams, they are once again performing together in another Bollywood production. Salman had proven at that time to be very attentive with her co star, as he made sure that she received her medicines and got plenty of rest, so that she could be in the best form.

Asin admitted in an interview that Salman Khan was indeed very caring with her. She had some health problem then due to an infection she caught. Despite of her sickness, she continued to do the shooting of the film. As there were only a few days left until the ending of the filming, Asin did not considered it necessary to leave the sets and take time off.

The actress, who made her debut in the film industry of B-town with the hit Ghajini in 2008, has stated on several occasions that Salman Khan was indeed a ‘cool’ co star and she enjoyed having him around during the time of the shooting.

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