Asin compares Salman and Aamir

Mumbai: The Bollywood actress Asin is one of the few celbreties in tinsel town film industry that can brag about having worked alongside both Salmna Khan and Aamir Khan from day one. As you may know, the beauty form the South stared with Aamir in the production called Ghajini back in 2008, and with Sallu in two films – London Dreams and Ready. Both of these actors from B-town have their original style of work.

When asked to compare the two famous Bollywood actors, Asin had a lot to say. According to her, “Salman is quite spontaneous in front of camera and there is not much of a discussion. He comes and does his own things. You have to be really alert while the camera is running because you don’t know what he is going to come up with. You have to give appropriate reaction and can’t look like ‘oh my god what do I do’ types. He is there and you have to be ready for whatever he throws at you.”

When referring to the other Khan, Asin added “On the other hand, Aamir is somebody who’ll probably sit with you and/or director before the camera starts rolling and discuss it why don’t we do like this and get the approval of the director before actually going in front of camera. But, ultimately he will go with what director wants. So you are at least sure what is actually going to happen in front of camera.”

However, when asked to choose between one of them, Asin simply could not do that as she is very much attached to both of them. We are more than sure that choosing one is more than difficult as they are both rather charismatic, but for once we would appreciate a little less diplomacy and a lot more honesty.

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