Asin feeling a bit under the weather

Mumbai: It is amazing what some super stars will do in order to do their job as best as they can. It seems that Ghajini actress Asin has proven to be quite a professional. As she was shooting her latest movie production in the jungles, the actress had to do a few difficult scenes. In spite the fact that she had a few problems with her health lately and she was feeling a bit under the weather, Asin managed to shoot the hard scenes.

A source told us that the beautiful actress did not want to hold things up and she was present on the set despite not feeling so well. After the filming for the particular scene were over, the actress got an a privet jeep and went to see the wild animals in the jungle. As many may know, Asin is a very devoted animal lover.

She was very excited to watch the tigers, lions and a few other wild animals from quite a short distance. It was like a wish come true.

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