Asin gets upset with her hair dresser, throws tantrum!

It seems that not everyone can carry off the tag of a celebrity gracefully and this time its none other than the girl next door Asin who rose to prominence with Aamir Khan’s film Ghajini in 2008. Asin played a character of a very sweet girl in the movie who loves to help everyone but in real life it seems as if Asin has forgotten her manners and how to behave with some one below her rank.

Apparently Asin threw a fit at her hair dresser recently as she was trying to get ready for a photo shoot. Its common knowledge that Asin sometimes wears up to six hair extensions to make her mane look more in volume as she has a very thin hair quality and she is very finicky about it. According to an eye witness at the sets of a photo shoot Asin yelled and shouted at her hair dresser for not getting her hair right even after five time. In the end she stormed off the sets muttering that someone was trying to sabotage her looks.

Now this is not a behaviour befitting an actress of Asin’s reputation and stature and her fans will hope that she cleans up her act soon or else this town is known for shunning outcasts very quickly.

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