Asin gives interview

Mumbai: The lovely Bollywood actress Asin was very busy the past few weeks with the upcoming movie production in which she stars alongside Salman Khan. The hectic schedule due to the film Ready in now over. The actress gave an exclusive interview to DC. The very first question asked to Asin was why she has not accepted any other movie venture in spite of the large number of offers that came her way.

The Bollywood celebrity wanted to say that “I am a secure person and I don’t believe in the theory of out of sight out of mind.” She also wanted to add never in her career she has rushed to sign a film. She really likes to work at her own personal pace. “I am happy and content with what I do and am not really concerned about how others work or how many films they sign. I have never felt insecure about the so-called competition,” said the beautiful actress. She also denied the gossips that she refused movies from south because they were underpaid.

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