Asin has no time for South India

Asin Thottumkal has no time for an appointment with any South Indian director and movies.   The actress who becomes popular because of appearing to more than 30 South India films is too busy right now with “Housefull 2”.  She imply has not time for anything else her newest movie has taken up all the time most of her days.  However, this doesn’t mean that she is prioritizing one film from the other, as she is not concentrating on just one language.


Asin have a very tight schedule and she is expecting that her schedule won’t be free until two months later.  Her priority right now lies with the shooting of her movie with Akshay Kumar in Housefull 2.  After the latter, she will then again be shooting scenes for her next project, The Story of my Marriage with Shah Rukh Khan as her love interest.


To get ready for the shooting of Housefull 2, Asin works out regularly.  She wants to have a well-toned body since Sajid Khan is particular about the looks of his talents.  In this movie, she will be wearing western clothes so a well-toned body is needed.  She added that she want to look good in front of her leading man since Akshay is a well-known fitness buff himself.


Based on what she heard about her upcoming leading man, Akshay, he is very professional when it comes to his work and thus he never goes to work late.  Like his leading man, she is as punctual and professional when it comes to work; both of them are always on time during shooting a movie.  Akshay, who is a known prankster will definitely try to make Asin laugh and the actress is looking forward to that.  Like Akshay, she expect Sajid Khan to make her laugh too since she heard that Sajid has a weird sense of humor. The whole cast of Housefull 2 will also include some of the biggest name from Bollywood like Rishi Kapoor, John Abraham, Riteish Deshmukh and Jacqueline Fernandes.


Although the talented actress is always ready to give away some information about her new film, she is not the same when it comes to her personal life.

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