Asin in Ready

Mumbai: If Asin’s adventures in the film Ready are any indications, we can very well call her Jungle Queen as the lovely Bollywood actress has had quite a few adventures during the filming. For instants, she had do hang down from many trees, not to mention the fact that Asin also had to put up with many insects of different species.

We have to admit that Asin’s work over these past few months was anything but ordinary. In a recent interview the tinsel town super star also mentioned the fact that she had several unexpected encounters with tiger never the less. Not with just one, but with quite a few tigers.

A source informed us that during the shooting which took place in Thailand, the B-town actress really insisted that she can very well take care of herself “Asin turned out to be quite an adventure girl in Thailand. While shooting for the Salman Khan starrer at Kanchanaburi, Thailand, she visited the famous ‘Tiger Temple’ there.” Although the crew wanted a quick visit, Asin insisted they stay longer.

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