Asin loves cricket

Mumbai: It could be that many fans of the lovely actress are not aware of her passion for the sport of cricket. However actress Asin really loves this sport, ever since she was a little girl. She is what you could say, a big fan of cricket. In fact her passion does not know any borders.

In a recent interview, the beautiful Bollywood actress Asin has said that one of the things she enjoys the most in this world is to watch cricket matches alongside her family or with her closest friends. Even though she was always a big fan of cricket, her enthrallment and bond has started a few years back, when she was dating the captain of the Indian team, called Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

She wanted to add that “We all family get together and also have a big bash during any cricket match”. Asin concluded by saying that during the matches she yells a lot and manages to surprise all of her neighbors so do not get the chance to hear her yelling very often.

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