Asin: Salman is quite comfortable with me

Mumbai: After working in two movies, ‘London dreams’ and ‘Ready’, with the macho man of Bollywood Salman Khan, actress Asin has managed to have quite a good relationship with the blue eyed boy of Bollywood and simply cannot stop praising him whenever she has the chance.

In a recent interview, the beautiful actress has only good things to say regarding her relationship with the Bollywood actor ‘I think the interaction I had with Salman in LONDON DREAMS kind of helped to have a comfortable relationship in READY because of the rapport created. He is always very supportive. He is pretty chilled out. I think he is quite comfortable with me also because somewhere I get his sense of humor. He’s got very straight-faced sense of humor. So, we pretty much gel well with each other.’

In spite of the fact that the actor Sallu is rather chilled out, the super star is also known for his cranky behavior. However, even though the actress Asin admits she was aware of the actor’s other side, she has never had the chance of meeting it. She was rather lucky we can say.

Asin said that ‘Thankfully I have never experienced that personally. I have worked with him in two films now. Whatever I have come across, he is someone who is very pure from heart. So whatever emotions that came out is just that. If he is angry then (he shows he is) angry or if he is upset with somebody he is direct with the fact that he is upset, etc.’

In the same interview the actress added ‘He is always pulling my leg that’s how he is. Even on sets in between the shots when we are sitting together, chatting he is constantly pulling my leg. If he wanted he could have like put a very formal face in front of the media and would have acted that way. But that’s not the case with him. And that’s what I like about him. Thankfully I have not seen the notorious side of Salman that media keeps writing about.’

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