Asin shoots scene in bikini

New Delhi: The sensation coming from the Southern parts of India, Asin is not doing to well at the moment. She knew success overnight in Bollywood, thanks to her grand debut in the extraordinary film “Ghajini”. In her second film, “Housefull 2” by Sajid Khan, she played the role of a next door common girl, gone more or less sexy.

Now, things are exactly pink for the young actress. Then again, she does have her entire career in front of her, so most likely things will turn for the better. Sometimes, they simply need a little push. And Asin is ready to push them hard, starting with a new shooting for “Housefull”, in which Asin will be wearing nothing more than a bikini.

For the film, Asin needs to show off her sexy side, and thus Sajid has asked her to appear in a swimsuit. There will be several scenes shot in Italyand Greece, in some of the most exotic locations.

The actress will also star in the film “Ready” by Salman Khan. Hopefully she will get passed “London Dreams”.

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