Asin still interested in Dhoni

Mumbai: Some interesting rumors have been circulating in the B-town film industry. They are related to the fact that Asin may not be over her ex, Dhoni. At the moment it seems that Dhoni is happily married. However this does not appear to stop Asin. The past week took place the event which launched the official merchandise of cricket World Cup.

At the event in question the Bollywood actress seemed far more interested in the performance of her ex at the game between Indian and South Africa than in promoting the merchandise. A source present at that event informed us that all the time Asin continued to ask the score. She was particularly interested in Dhoni. She spoke in Tamil, but she did not know that Irfan Pathan found close by heard the entire conversation.

As a result, he went to Asin and asked her to be more focused on the event that they were attending and stop asking about the match between South Africa and India. We will see if something will happen between the two.

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