Asin Thottumkal intimate with Salman Khan

The famous and popular Bollywood actress has decided to put all of her shyness away and shoot an intimate scene with Salmar Khan for their soon to come film called ‘Ready’. Everybody know that Asi has always applied a very strict rule regarding the intimate scenes in movies. However, for this time she decided to break the rules and filming such a scene with no one other than hansom actor Salmar Khan.

Official sources say that the director of the movie, Anees Bazmi explained Asin the high importance of shooting that particular scene, and that is way she accepted. In the end the scene turned out very well.

After her fiasco of her last movie called ‘London Dreams’, the beautiful Bollywood actress decided she needs her next movie to be a super hit. That could be the reason why she decided to break her rules. Sources state that the actress realized that the tough world of Bollywood does not move on terms and conditions, and that everybody must compromise something to get ahead.

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