Asin wants a PR agency

Mumbai: At the moment the well liked Bollywood actress is enjoying very much the success of her film Kaavalan. If we are to believe the rumors all over town, it seems that the beautiful and successful B-town super star is searching very intensely to find the right PR firm. She wants a professional in the area to handle all of her public appearances and to manage her activity better.

The most important reason for this decision is that she wants to gain a significant edge compared to her competition from B-town film industry. It is a common known fact that the actresses from the South have always been less promoted than the Bollywood ones. Not even Asin is an exception from this rule.

As the actress is now aware of this important aspect of the industry she has made the wise decision of getting an agency to work for her. Because she did not success to be in the center of the mass media attention all the time, she will let professionals help her.

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