Beautiful divas of South India descriminated

South India is perhaps prejudiced against women at least in film industry. Seeing the gender-biased verdict of Southern people, be it 2005-Khushboo episode or Kannada star Aindrita’s being slapped by a well-known director and writer Nagathihalli Chadrashekhar, women have always been proved wrong and victimized.

In 2005, Tamil actress and social activist Khushboo was hounded by everyone in the film industry for here extremely controversial remarks on the concept of protected sex.

Her statement was wrongly quoted to make it as she had said that it was ok for girls to go for pre-marital sex if they take precautions to avoid unwanted pregnancy and STD- sexually transmitted diseases.

The Silicon valley and IT-capital of India roared with severe criticism against the progressive thoughts of the actress and making a mockery of democracy, Khushboo was boycotted by the Chennai film industry.

Aindrita, the kannad film actress was slapped by Chandrashekhara during the shooting a film Nooru Janmakkoo in Hong Kong in 2009.

Film star Pooja Gandhi was also asked to publicly seek apology from the producer of film Nee Illade though her fault was just that she asked the producer to pay Rs 4 lakh, which she said was due to her. She was also banned for daring to ask for her own money.

The gender-bias attitude of southerners does not end even here. This year too, in March, Ramya another heroine was awarded with a one-year ban, just because she could not attend the audio release of Dandam Dashagunam, produced by A Ganesh.

The ban was not something unofficial, rather Ganesh took this issue to producers’ association and the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) that asked the actress to ask for apology for making ‘derogatory’ comments on social network Twitter.

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