Bipasha Basu a Hindi teacher

Mumbai: Quite some ironic news has hit the media these past few days. It seems that the well liked actress Bipasha Basu has been playing teacher for her co-star, Rana Daggubati, in the film ‘Dum Maro Dum’. He helps the hero with the Hindi language. But if we stop and think about the way that actress Bipasha Basu knows the language, we can’t thing that it is a bit paradoxical. She assisting the hero regarding the Hindi language is ironical.

In a recent interview the actress Bipasha Basu said that she asks him for a price, whenever he asks her a question about any word. Regarding her costar, the Bollywood hot actress said that he is quite good, her exact words being “like our typical crop of young heroes in Bollywood, hassle-free”.

The actress does not thing that she is not very different from the actors in Mumbai. Basu added that in the picture she mostly interacts with Rana. The other actors starring in the film are Abhishek and Prateik.

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