Bipasha Basu at Palazzo Versace

The popular actress is now enjoying a delightful, pampering stay at the famous Palazzo Versace. Bipasha Basu flew to the Gold Coast in Australia, where she is shooting with the actor Josh Hartnett for her new film, the English “Singularity”, which is directed by Roland Joffe.

Copying the design of the House of Versace, the Palazzo Versace is the first fashion branded hotel in the world, and it is located on Gold Coast, right on the main beach.  Sources say that Bipasha’s apartment in the hotel includes a master bedroom, a guest room with guest bathroom, a spacious living room and kitchen. Bipasha

The person who chose this hotel was Bipasha herself. She was asked about her preferred accommodation just after she signed for the film. Roland as well is enjoying a lovely condo, while the co-starring actor Josh Hartnett said he did not want to stay at the hotel, and thus is staying at a house on the Broad Beach.

For her new film, Bipasha is training at horse-riding, swimming, fencing and sword fighting.

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