Bipasha in Shyam Benegal Movie

There is nothing new about the fact that females who want to make big in the world of glamour and fashion do get exploited by the seniors and experienced personalities. There are many directors like Milan Luthria and Madhur Bhandarkar who have already come up with these issues earlier in their films and shown us that behind the sparkling glamour and showbiz lies a darker side of human ego and evilness that does not spare the new beginners in the film industry. Now, the same will be seen in Shyam Benegal style which will be different from the others. Bipasha basu

Shyam Benegal has not named the project yet but his search ended when he signed up Bipasha Basu for the main role. Bipasha is really excited to work with such legendary director who has been making movies that hold up a mirror against the so called sophisticated society. The movie will be about a new starlet that is struggling to get into Bollywood and how she is being exploited while she tries to reach to the top.  The director said that he was looking for a glamorous face since the plot is about an actress who is into the glamour world but she should also be able to handle serious roles as that is what the plot demands in the latter half of the movie.

Insiders revealed that Shyam Benegal had a meeting with Bipasha where they both discussed about the movie and Bipasha took no time to say that she was willing to take this role and she was signed immediately. Shyam Benegal is now looking for two main actors and even for a producer so that the movie can go on the floors somewhere in October. In the meantime, Bipasha has plenty of time to homework her character in the movie.

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