Bollywood debut: Airin

Bollywood has grown largely and is now one of the most important film industries in the world. This is not only the opinion of directors and actors in Bollywood, but also the opinion of actors outside India. Giselle Monteiro came from Brazil and Barbara Mori came from Mexico to be part of films produced in Bollywood. Another actress making her debut in Bollywood is the British Airin, casted by the director Sachin Karande in his new movie, Payback.

Airin came to India for the holiday, and met Karande at the house of a common friend. Airin showed her interest in hindi films and the production, and so she received an invitation to visit the sets of the film. Karande saw her acting skills and her talent, and decided to give her a part in his film. Initially, he had searched for an Indian actress for this role, but did not find one, and Airin was in the right place, at the right time. At only 21, the young actress has performed in short films back in England.

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