Bollywood Plastic Surgery – Check Out Preity Zinta Sri Devi & More Plastic Surgery

Beauty has been always associated with pain. Beautiful women subject themselves to a lot of pain to maintain their looks. Beauty has been an obsession with women from the ancient times. They have gone to such lengths to ensure that they look good and a lot has been done to improve their looks. In fact beautiful women have even been accused of having nothing to say for themselves due to their obsession with the way they look!

The movie industry is a place where women are valued for their looks and they do a lot to remain beautiful. In the quest to look beautiful and fight the effects of nature and age, many heroines reach out for different means. This includes cosmetic and plastic surgery. They say it can really work to improve your looks and many top leading ladies have gone under the knife to look better.

Here are some of the leading ladies of Bollywood who have had some work done on them:

Priyanka Chopra plastic surgery: For an actress who claims to be happy with the way she looks and who claims that she has no need for plastic surgery, Priyanka cannot hide the changes in the way she looks. A comparison with erstwhile snaps will reveal some work on her lips and nose. Rumors have you believing her lips have been done not once but twice!

priyanka chopra plastic surgery

Shilpa Shetty: Shilpa is considered one of the most gorgeous figures onscreen with a great face and ravishing body. Very few people know the story behind her good looks. But the truth is that she had some help in getting her face to look perfect. People say that her fate changed after she had some of her features modified.

Shilpa Shetty plastic surgery

Bipasha Basu: She is considered the epitome of oomph with a gorgeous body and face. Men are known to swoon at her undeniable appeal. Even this were not enough to keep this hottie happy, it is rumored that she had her breasts augmented by 3 inches. In turn she earned her true place in the limelight.

bipasa basu plastic surgery

Kangana Ranaut: After a somewhat dubious start on her film career, this fashion girl too had to resort to plastic surgery to add zing to her looks. There was a lot of talk about her lips due to their bee stung look. Rumor has it that Kangana had some work done on her mouth to make it look more luscious.

kangna ranawat plastic surgery

Sridevi: Considered the epitome with her childlike innocent face, combined with the body of a goddess, this lady had it all. Her eyes had the sparkle, her lips so full, and her nose so pretty. Even in her fifties, she has a good following among the male population. The rumor is that she owes her perfect looks to the effects of plastic surgery. In fact she is considered a trendsetter in this area being one of the first to use cosmetic surgery to enhance her looks.

Sridevi plastic surgery

Priety Zinta: Her dimples got her acclaim. She is rumored to have undergone plastic surgery for the brow, cheek and overall shaping of the face. In fact people have been talking about the plastic face she is sporting during the showing of her movie “Ishk in Paris” which gives credence to talk of cosmetic surgery.

prity zinta plastic surgery

So, tell us which of them looks better after undergoing plastic surgery?

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