Celina Jaitley catches fire

Mumbai: Hot actress Celina Jaitley was at one step away from a tragic turn of events the other day. The actress was close to death, as her room suddenly burst into flames. The problem is that the actress was sleeping at the time, and only a miracle woke her up in time to get out and save her life.

And the miracle bares a name: Gooblee. Gooblee is Celina’s dog, who did not stop barking all night until the Celina was on her feet.

Celina was shocked to wake up only to discover that her television set caught sparks and her room was on fire. The smoke had caught the entire house, and the TV was only a few inches away from the bed Celina was sleeping in. Fortunately, she had the presence of mind and unplugged the main switch immediately.

The actress really suffered a fright, and she is still in shock. Probably from now on, Gooblee will be more pampered than he ever was, by the actress and by her fiancé, the hotelier based in Dubai, Peter Haag.

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