Chitrangda’s hairdresser problems

Indore: The promotions for the films can be sometimes tiring, but no one can complain when thinking about Chitrangda Singh’s experience. During the promotion of her film “Yeh Saali Zindagi”, Chitrangda was in Indore, in a mall. Her hairdresser, Amrita, was with her, the same hairstylist who worked for Aishwarya Rai for the films “Robot” and “Raavan”.

With such expertise, who wouldn’t trust the woman? Well, things aren’t quite like that. At a moment, Amrita saw herself with Chitrangda’s purse and cell phone, and simply took off. She got in a car and rushed to the airport.

Nobody had her number, but they called desperately on Chitrangda’s phone. The actress and her colleagues searched for the hairstylist everywhere in the mall, but there was no trace of her anywhere.

Seems like Amrita will not have any work to do in the near future, since this is not the first time she vanishes during a promotional tour without informing anyone about her whereabouts. Nobody knows where Amrita has been all that time, but fortunately she appeared at the airport just in time to leave to Mumbai.

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